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Acid number titration

Säurezahl-Titrator, Neutralisationszahl, TAN

The acid number expresses the quantity of base required to neutralize all acidic constituents of the sample. It is a quality feature for freshness of oils and fats. The base number indicates the quantity of acid which can be neutralized by additives in mineral oils.

The TAN/TBN Titrator is suitable for determination of Total Acid Number (TAN) or Total Base Number (TBN) of oils and fats. The device is conform to standards IEC 62021-1, ISO 3771, ASTM D 664, ASTM D 2896, ASTM D 4739.


The value of TAN/TBN is an indication of age and quality of oils and fats. The device is suitable for analysis of

  • transformer oils
  • natural and artificial fats
  • mineral oil products
  • lubricants
  • food fats (e. g. olive oil, butter)


  • Complete measuring system for the determination of TAN/TBN (TBN = Total Base Number)
  • Fully-automatic volumetric titration
  • Precise adjustment of the titration parameters by control algorithms
  • Preset measurement method allows an immediate start
  • The result output can be adjusted to your needs by using a formula generator

Informations about the TAN/TBN Titrator


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