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PhytolabelBox - Cultivation of plants

PhytolabelBox - Pflanzenanzucht

Device version
Device version for particularly high
Beleuchtungsmodul für PhytolabelBox
Illumination Module for
PhytolabelBox in the greenhouse
PhytolabelBox in the greenhouse
  • Cultivation of plants in controlled atmosphere
  • Regulation of oxygen (O2) and carbondioxid concentrations (CO2)
  • Labeling of plants by introduced 13CO2
  • Additional control of  air pressure, humidity and temperature
  • Available as fitting version for the application in incubators

The PhytolabelBox is developed for controlled plant breeding. Constant conditions inside the cultivation box are achieved by automatic control of the composition and property of the atmospheric gases. Therefore, the phytolabelbox is suitable for test series about plant growing and metabolism.

The PhytolabelBox is equipped with different gas connections for synthetic air (20 % O2 / 80 % N2) or, if requested, a separate supply for oxygen and nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. Furthermore, it comes with a fused drain for exhaust air. The humidity is kept at the desired level by an effective Peltier cooling unit. A slight overpressure of 10 mbar against the ambient pressure can be set.

When running long-term experiments, the plants can be supplied individually with water and nutrients via additional supply lines.

Moreover, the PhytolabelBox can be used in incubators at temperatures between 10 °C and 40 °C and in the ambient pressure range of 955 hPa to 1061 hPa. The gas supply, the measuring and control unit as well as the computer are located outside of the incubator.

The Illumination Module extends the possibilities of the PhytolabelBox. The luminous colour and illumination intensity are adjustable. Various climatic conditions can be simulated.


  • Basic research on plants
  • Research on agricultural crops
  • Check of new and imported plant species
  • Green biotechnology
  • Plant breeding
  • Proteomic and metabolomic research


  • Crystal claer and space-saving construction
  • Big opening for loading
  • Intuitive software for monitoring and controlling of the measuring system
  • Optical determination of 12CO2 und 13CO2
  • Economical consumption of 13CO2 through fine-tuned regulation
  • Selective electrochemical oxygen sensor
  • Regulation of humidity by Peltier cooling
  • Fitting version for incubators on request
  • Optional with individual lighting and temperature regulation
  • Optional with 4, 6, 8, 12 or 16 supply lines to the plants
  • Optional with remote control to the computer for external monitoring (a network connection is required)

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Illumination Module


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