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Online sulphide determination in water and wastewater

   Analyzer for online sulphide determination  
  S-Online - Analyzer for online sulphide determination  
  Analyzer for online sulphide determination in ATEX compliant housing  
  ATEX compliant version for use in potentially explosive environment  

Dosing chemicals as required.
Save costs and protect the environment.

The S-Online for online determination of sulphides provides the opportunity to measure sulphides/H2S even below the odor threshold in wastewater. By the combination of a highly efficient gas extraction and a selective detection method, sulphide/H2S is determined in aqueous solutions.

In the ATEX compliant version, the analyzer system is suitable for use in potentially explosive environments.

After dosing, the sample is acidified forming H2S gas which is then degassed from the solution in the S-Online. The gas is then carried into an amperometric sensor that is sensitive to detecting H2S. Therefore, interferences of the sample matrix do not affect the sensitive measurement.

Even complex matrices such as industrial wastewater (e. g. containing alkaline wastewater, hydrocarbons or ammonia) can be monitored instantly as well as providing reproducible results.

The wastewater sample is taken up automatically. By the use of an integrated automatic back-purging, the system is robust and low-maintenance.

The measuring range can be varied widely and can also be adjusted to the required application. For instance, the S-Online can be used as a H2S dependent controlling system for chemical wastewater treatment. The results can be transferred through digital alarm- and analog outputs into the measuring station.


  • Online aquisition of the current sulphide concentration in wastewater (e. g. pump sump, pressure water pipe or sewer system) for regulation
  • Environmental analytics, e. g.:
    - Waste water analysis for control systems
       (pump sump, free level or pressure water pipe)
    - Landfill leachate monitoring
    - Industrial sewage treatment plants
    - Municipal sewage treatment plants


  • Complete extraction of H2S from aqueous samples
  • No cross sensitivity (realized by indirect method)
  • Easy-to-use calibration
  • Completely automatic sample dosing
  • Simple and well-arranged software
  • Robust and fast method fo analysis (up to 12 analyses per hour)
  • Output 4 - 20 mA for the integration of the H2S signal in the local system
  • High durability of the sensor by intermittent gas circuit
  • Integrated rinsing steps to ensure a constant analysis of a present sample

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