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Determination of sulphides

Determination of sulphides

With the online analysis system Sulfimax GX online WATER, sulphides or H2S in wastewater can already be determined below the odour threshold. This is achieved by coupling a highly effective gas extraction with a selective detection method.


  • Online acquisition of the current sulfide concentration
  • Waste water analysis for control systems (pump sump, free level or pressure water pipe)
  • Landfill leachate monitoring
  • Industrial sewage treatment plants
  • Municipal sewage treatment plants


  • Automatic sample dosing
  • Hardly any cross-sensitivities due to indirect method
  • Output 4 - 20 mA for integration of the H2S signal into the control system
  • Short measuring intervals allow fast reaction to changes
  • Low maintenance requirements


  • Detection of the true H2S content directly in the liquid phase and thus independent of weather conditions (even in strongly basic samples)
  • Simple calibration
  • Simple, clear software
  • No cross-contamination due to self-cleaning between measurements
  • Long sensor life due to integrated regeneration processes


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