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MobilGC for Cooling Gases for analysis on site

Portable gas analyzer for cooling gases
Portable gas analyzer for cooling gases
Cooling gas analyzer with sample bag 
Cooling gas analyzer with sample bag

The MobilGC for cooling gases is an portable gas analyzer. The device allows on site measurement of cooling gases in the reefer with the accuracy of the gold standard test in an external service laboratory.

The MobilGC can distinguish between the legal cooling gas R 134 a and the illegal substances R 22, R 40, R 142 b and others. It can even measure the dangerous breakdown product of R 40, TMA (Tri-Methyl-Aluminum).

And even if TMA degrades during sampling into methane gas, the MobilGC gives you the concentration of the latter as a direct measure of the former TMA concentration.

All these gases are detected together in one single 8 minute measurement with accuracy up to 1 ppm. The accuracy of a full lab analysis for the cost of a rapid on-site test.



Applications, depends on the column mounted in the device

  • Cooling gas analysis
  • Emission and immission measurements
  • On-site-analysis, process control, online monitoring
  • Suitable for continuous limit value monitoring of total concentration of hydrocarbon in gas samples
  • Allows to link with gas extraction techniques, e. g. for gas in oil analysis


  • Portable and robust gas analyzer for mobile use in a harbour situation
  • Combination of accuracy, speed and mobility to act in time
  • Detection of the following gases:
    - R 40 (Methyl chloride)
    - R 134 a (1,1,1,2 Tetra fluor ethane)
    - R 22 (Chlordifluor methane)
    - R 142 b (1-Chlor-1, 1-difluor ethane)
    - TMA (Tri-Methyl- Aluminium)
    - Methane (methane is not measured by GC/MS!)


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