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H2S, Sulphide Determination

Determination of hydrogen sulphide in liquids, gases and solids

The animation shows the operation of the H2S analyzer Sulfimax GX Lab.


Device variants for different sample types

H2S analyzer Sulfimax GX Lab   Sulfimax GX Lab
H2S analyzer for determination of hydrogen sulphide in liquids and gases - laboratory version, automatable with autosampler for liquids
Sulfimax GX Go   Sulfimax GX Go
H2S analyzer for determination of hydrogen sulphide in liquids and gases - compact version for laboratory use or on-site measurements
Headspace Module for H2S analyzers Sulfimax GX Lab and Go   Headspace Module
Module to extend the H2S analyzers Sulfimax GX Lab and Cubi for analysis of solid and pasty samples
Sulfimax GX online GAS   Sulfimax GX online GAS
H2S analyzer for continuous quantitative determination of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) in gas mixtures
Sulfimax GX online WATER   Sulfimax GX online WATER
Analyzer for online determination of sulphides/H2S in wastewater even below the odor threshold

Analysis systems H2S/Sulphide determination



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