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GloveBox - Working under controlled conditions

Glove box with individual sizes

GloveBox - Working under controlled conditions
GloveBox with 1400 x 700 x 600 mm offers plenty of space and a large maintenance hatch for easy loading of the the box with equipment
GloveBox - Working under controlled conditions
Design example: GloveBox with 3 glove openings and large, removable maintenance hatch on the side wall
GloveBox - Working under controlled conditions
GloveBox with 4 glove openings and large maintenance hatch on the front side, here equipped with balance and Karl Fischer titrator, integrated holders for sample plates on the left side wall

The GloveBox is designed for easy and functional work under defined conditions. It offers the possibility of comfortable sample preparation, e. g. without the influence of oxygen or under defined humidity.

The chamber is made entirely of acrylic glass, which ensures a clear view into the working area. The gloves (made of butyl, neoprene, latex) are attached to the front with flanges and can be changed easily. The number of gloves depends on the length of the GloveBox, so that the entire interior can be easily operated.

On the side (optionally on the left or right) is a large sample lock, which is integrated into the maintenance hatch. The maintenance hatch contains two gas connections for gas supply and gas drain.

The gas supply hits a gas baffle plate to prevent gas turbulence for precise weighing operations. Connections for the passage of electrical cables, e. g. for a scale, are possible.




  • Analytical laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Chemical industry
  • Quality management
  • Customer specific solutions
  • Sample preparation


  • Free view of the work surface as there is no frame construction
  • Gloves can be easily attached and changed as needed
  • Different sample locks available
  • Adaptation to working with scales
  • In-house design department for customised design
  • Inexpensive, robust design made of acrylic glass


  • Box made of 10 mm thick acrylic glass
  • Front and side panels transparent
  • Base and rear wall in white, optionally transparent
  • Hermetically protected room for working under exclusion of air or with defined humidity
  • 2 connections for gas inlet and outlet for working in a defined atmosphere
  • Glove ports with flange for easy fastening and changing when necessary: Diameter 180 mm
  • Various sample locks possible
  • Connections for feeding through electrical cables - number according to customer requirements
  • Gas baffle plate for safe weighing procedures in the GloveBox
  • Large maintenance hatch with outriders and integrated keys for quick opening and closing
  • Optionally with internal circulating air drying


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