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AQUA 40.00 - High Temperature Oven HT 1300

High Temperature Oven HT 1300

High temperature oven HT 1300        
High temperature oven HT 1300    
AQUA 40.00 with connection module and HT 1300    
AQUA 40.00 Basic Module with
connection module and high
oven HT 1300

The High Temperature Oven HT 1300 is an extension module with high performance for the Karl Fischer titrator AQUA 40.00 for extracting the water from samples which release the water at higher temperatures (300 to 1300 °C). Therefore, chemical reactions forming water as a reaction product can be controlled.

Samples are put into small sample boats into the hot area of the oven. A special valve system transports the sample into the oven without interrupting the carrier gas flow.

In the inert gas flow, the water is completely released from the sample and transferred via the connection module to the measuring cell of the AQUA 40.00 Basic Module.

Due to the two-stage pre-drying of the inert transport gas in the integrated drying tower a very low background drift is achieved.


Water determination in solid, pasty and liquid samples at heating temperatures up to 1300 °C, e. g.

  • Inorganic salts
  • Building materials
  • Metals and alloys
  • Molecular sieves
  • Oxides/hydroxides
  • Cement


  • No sample pre-treatment necessary
  • Short measurement time
  • Easy to operate manual feeder
  • AQUA 40.00 software with extension to control high temperature oven


  • High temperature heating for trace amounts of water
  • Can be coupled directly with the AQUA 40.00 Basic Module
  • Uniform software with integrated oven temperature control
  • Sample supply in ceramic or quartz glass boats
  • Gas supply nitrogen or argon
  • Isothermal heating or temperature program


Data sheet AQUA 40.00

Data sheet High temperature oven HT 1300



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